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Main points of abstract

The requirements for writing abstracts are so different that somehow you ask yourself:

Is this really one kind of job? Some abstracts are similar to the report, others – to a small coursework. And this is not accidental, because the family of abstracts is quite extensive. The main classification of abstracts distinguishes the following types:

1) A report on a special topic;

2) Explanation and analyzing books and

The classification of abstracts according to the source of the material supply is fairly well known, dividing them into two types: productive and reproductive.

Reproductive (these abstracts, abstracts, and abstracts-resumes) are aimed at a laconic reproduction of the content of the source with the identification of the main thoughts and positions

Productive (abstracts-reports, abstracts-reviews) consist of critical analysis, creative comprehension of the collected material. In the review-review author should collect information on the theme from several sources and compare them, analyzing the views of different authors

There are several other classifications of abstracts.

According to the completeness of the presentation, there are informative and indicative ones. Informative is much larger in volume. They laconically, but fully reflects the information presented in the source, the author’s argument of the source. These are abstracts-abstracts.

Another classification – by the number of primary sources. There are monographic essays built on the study of a single source, there are overviews – to write them you need to study the views of several authors. Let us also consider the classification according to the purpose of the abstract. They are divided into general and specialized. General are addressed to a wide audience, specialized – to a highly specialized group of listeners

Classifications of abstracts overlap.

For example, the summary abstract is both reproductive and indicative at the same time. And the abstract-abstract is reproductive and informative.

Why is it necessary to know? Well, first of all, it’s a good idea to imagine the first of the work that you are writing. Secondly, the student, who writes abstracts to order, it is necessary to clarify the client, what type of work is required? Agree, there is a difference – to write a monograph abstract-abstract or an overview report-report. And the student who orders the essay from the student, it is necessary to specify the type of the abstract

It’s not so important to know all features of each kind. Just to know the difference in common.

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